While you’re in the virtual space, all the stress is on your Face!

The pandemic offered a lot of time for everyone to indulge in healthy skincare habits. Ever since the duration of the lockdown imposed last year, all of us have tried different remedies, routines and inculcated healthy habits to revive the radiance and health of our skin.

Where we know that the UVA and UVB rays of the sun are harmful, the blue rays from electronic devices equally impact the skin.

With the world becoming accustomed to work-from-culture, the increase in time spent over social media, televisions, laptops and other electronic devices has made it difficult for people to switch off and find much time to be offline.

Either the sun or our computer screen, all have some or the other visible effects on the skin. Mr. Sandeep Gupta, CEO, e’clat, a luxury serum brand discusses the raising concerns caused by spending too much time in front of our black mirrors-

  1. Causes those deep dark Circles 

    The time we spend on the screens makes the eyes tired and affects the eyesight as well. All the strain that our eyes go through ultimately results in the dark circles that we keep hiding under concealers.

  1. Takes away your glow 

    Prolonged exposure to the blue lights emitting from the electronics causes both mental and physical fatigue in addition to creating a lot of stress. This stress is reflected from our face that becomes dull over time.


  1. Causes untimely aging 

    Stress and too much fatigue caused by the high-energy blue light every day deprives the skin of moisture and relaxation. This leads to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles making the skin lose its youthful fullness.

  1. More the stress, more the acne 

    The long sitting hours impact the skin by becoming the cherry on top of our sedentary lifestyle. With less movement and physical activity, looking at the screens all day  can cause acne and pimples that we all despise to a great extent.

Working from home or not, over the years our dependency on technology has made space for long screen hours in our daily schedule. So, we may not be able to eliminate certain changes however we can include some to help our skin heal and feel better.

So, try to switch off and keep a simple yet effective routine to help you surf smoothly through this technological wave and the pandemic!